How Dermaheal HL improved hair growth

From beautiful hair to bald scalp, you’ll find out in this blog how I recovered from my hair loss by using hair fillers.

I was born with a lot of dark hair. It was curly and kind of cute. As I grew and evolved, my perfect curls from childhood turned into frizzy waves. In most of my childhood photos my hair was short and this is where the entire problem started. I also wanted long silky, straight and blonde hair. But I never got the chance to have it because my mother always used to trim them down.

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When I was about 13, I had my first hair dye. So once day I decided, OK I’m old enough now to get a hair color. A friend of mine was already coloring her hair and she told me it so easy and so much fun. I came back home, as I always wanted my hair to get blonde forever,  put bleach all over my hair that I bought from a drugstore. If you bleach you’ll know bleach never makes your hair blonde. So my hair went dirty blonde and I was much happy about my first dye. I felt so feminine and ever since I had been dying my hair color from dark brown to blonde. As soon as new hair grows, I used to cut down the color from my hair stylists. I used bleach cream for almost 10 years continuously. Then at the age of 23, I decided that I am going to have my natural color because my hair was excessively losing.

As every girl knows bleach is so harmful and I have been using it for so many years. After two years after I ended using dyes, I went through a major hair loss and a small area on my scalp went hairless. I started going bald. I always wanted to look so feminine but I ended up getting bald as I have been using toxic chemicals on my hair. For 10 years. I was so depressed the whole time. But then my hair stylist advised me to use hair filler. At first I thought, It would be a complete risk if I use it on my skin so I did not take a notice of her until a day when I read an article on Dermaheal HL.

Dermheal HL is injection to put serum containing Hyaluronic acid and collagen into your inner layer of scalp. Hyaluronic acid is natural component that our body synthesize to increase the growth of hair follicles that will generate hair growth. Sometimes in victims like me, this acid stops forming inside the body and we lose our hair.

So I took an appointment from a dermatologist and bought the product from an online store but I did not have to go to a dermatologist as they were already providing a practitioner who is going to treat my scalp. I had a little fear to syringes since child-hood. So the long needles of syringed scared me but as soon as the expert injected it inside my scalp, I felt no pain at all.

The waiting time of results was crucial. It took almost one week until the bald areas on my scalp started growing hair back. I was immensely happy and satisfied with it. Sometimes chances are worth taking. Never afraid!

Dr Alin Modey

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