The Right to Look Beautiful

Each line on my face was the representation of the times when I have given birth, every hardship, every struggle, and every success which appeared as little stories on my face. Although, I wore them with pride but I wanted to have a cream that steals away my wrinkles and eliminates dark tone underneath my eyes or seals in moisture that makes me feel fresh and hydrated. But then I found Juvederm and all of my problems were vanished in just a blink of an eye. I couldn’t believe it was so simple and easy.

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My story started when I gave birth to a child; my angel daughter. Pregnancy could be an exhausting period but when you hold your baby for the first time, it eases all the pain. The look of your baby towards you and yours towards her makes you forget all the hardships that you have gone through. When I was pregnant, I knew my skin was going saggy and the face is lowering its volume especially after the birth of my first baby. Pregnancy left me many of its side effects. My skin was not like how it used to be. People were constantly telling me that I am going to old. But how can a woman get old in her late 20s. I had to find a solution to get my glowing, tighten and hydrated skin back.

One of my friends suggested me to use Juvederm Voluma; dermal filler, as she has already tried it before and the results were outstanding. At first, I thought it would be too much of chemicals to use on your skin. But when I got to knew about its organic composition. I gave it a try. After two weeks, the results were seemed to be visible. I felt bruising initially onto my skin but later it faded away, leaving a better looking, lifted volume, moisturized and plumy skin.

I think beautiful skin means everything to a woman. When you look great, it definitely adds the way you feel about yourself. You will not only feel good from outside but your inner self would feel great filled with warmth an enthusiasm.

Dr Alin Modey

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